Dr. Foot Organized Kids’ Paint Festival to Create Awareness for Children’s Foot Health

December 06 17:56 2018

Kids feet festival
Dr. Foot is a leading provider of podiatric health care on an international scale. The clinic recently organized a kid’s paint festival where children were taught how to screen feet for disorders.

Dec 6, 2018 – Proactively working to educate the public on foot health and its importance, Dr. Foot recently organized a highly successful kid’s paint festival. During the festival, children and their parents were taught about podiatric care and how to spot concerns at an early age. Children were made to paint their feet and provide a foot print on a piece of paper. The expert physicians taught children how to use a foot print as a screening method to identify any irregularities or disorders. 

According to experts, foot health is almost always neglected in growing children and it can later cause many serious issues such as altered gait, posture problems and even chronic pain. Podiatrists at Dr. Foot stress on the importance of early screening since corrective treatments are much easier at a younger age, given the flexibility of the muscles and bones. The event was highly successful in engaging the audience and teaching them about the fundamentals of podiatric healthcare and why it is so essential.

“Optimum health is the right of every child, which is why we work proactively to raise awareness about podiatric healthcare in children. It is estimated that every 3 out of 4 children grow up with some form of foot disorders. If left untreated, many foot problems can become debilitating in the long run and hinder a person’s skeletal balance,” stated a Dr. Foot spokesperson in correlation to the Kid’s Paint Festival.

He further commented “Given how successful the event was, we are very eager to hold such events again in the future. Educating parents and children in a collaborative manner is extremely important to the health of our children.”

More details about Dr. Foot and their clinic locations can be seen at http://kidfeet.ca/

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