Payroll San Antonio Company LASO Adopts Innovative Ways to Save Costs, Improve Employee Satisfaction

December 11 01:26 2018

Most businesses assume that they can save on costs by keeping payroll and HR services in-house. According to LASO, the payroll services San Antonio TX company, this is a huge mistake. For over 40 years, LASO is the premier payroll San Antonio company, and knows that outsourcing these services can save on average $2,000 per employee in costs.

According to LASO, most businesses do not realize that payroll and HR laws are simply too complex for in-house accountants and administrators to handle with cost savings in mind. Whether it is a one-employee firm or a thousand-employee company, payroll is a complicated routine, and not getting it right means paying twice or thrice the original tax liabilities in penalties or interests.

Most business owners grossly underestimate the “hidden” costs involved with payroll and HR administration, and make the mistake of managing HR tasks in-house,” says Steve Cook CPA, MBA, and President of LASO.

Given that bookkeepers and accountants have too much on their hands and are under skilled to deal with the complex and continually evolving payroll and HR regulations, it makes sense to outsource them for the many resulting benefits.

LASO offers a 100% FLSA compliant payroll service, with proper 1099 payroll tax filings. The average cost saving per employee is $2,000, and payments are accurate and timely. LASO can thus help companies improve profitability and focus on their core business objectives with zero disruptions.

Apart from offering payroll San Antonio services, LASO has an innovative approach for saving on insurance and medical costs. It groups benefits with a single federal ASO number, and negotiates with insurers for better deals just like the ones given to large corporations with over 50 employees. The LASO approach allows attracting employees, and improves employee satisfaction and retention.

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