Pickens Construction Makes Preserving Planet Earth a Priority

November 15 05:09 2019
Pickens Construction Makes Preserving Planet Earth a Priority
Pickens Construction in Anderson, SC proves to be an eco-friendly company using 100% recyclable asphalt in its paving projects. Pickens Construction is one of the few road construction and asphalt paving companies in the Anderson and Greenville metropolitan areas to boast this efficient process.

ANDERSON, South Carolina – Pickens Construction in Anderson SC continues to catch the eye of industrial, institutional, commercial and residential property owners in South Carolina and Georgia for its unique way of conducting business.  Pickens Construction is one of the few road construction and asphalt paving companies to use 100% recyclable material to complete its paving projects. Why is this noteworthy? Using recyclable materials not only saves planet Earth’s natural resources through less mining and fuel consumption but also proves more cost-effective with fewer customer dollars going toward high mining and equipment costs.  The result is lower price quotes for consumers as well as a significant decrease in tax dollars required for South Carolina and Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) road projects.

Pickens Construction’s recycling efforts are not limited to just the initial use of their construction materials.  Unbeknownst to the average customer, Pickens Construction recycles all asphalt materials retrieved from their internal projects post milling.  Pickens completes the milling or resurfacing process to create a smoother paving surface for a newly paved road or bridge.  Their efficient mobile methods of milling, crushing and screening the excess asphalt onsite ensures little to no waste resulting in a happy environment and even happier clientele.  Pickens Construction’s remarkable Anderson road construction projects can be seen throughout the region and continue to draw notice.  

About Us

Pickens Construction has established a reputation of being the top road construction and asphalt paving company in South Carolina and Georgia.  Founded by brothers Harold Sr. and Fred Pickens in 1948, the name Pickens Construction has become synonymous with quality, cost-effective and responsible road construction. Their reviews can be found at https://goo.gl/maps/Scy9AHeuwba93wZaA.  Pickens Constructions provides innovative methods for completing high quality road construction and repair projects to include milling, mobile crushing and screening, thermoplastic striping, asphalt sealing and recycling.

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