January 29 04:08 2020

The Degrowth Fest 2020 is a three day experience jam packed with entertainment!! With eighty acres of wooded lands, we create quite the experience for our guests. At every twist and turn you’ll find a nook to lounge, spaces for communal gathering and educational workshops, a jungle den with live performances, a village of artists, and even a secret garden.

This festival is a fundraiser for our WAKE UP Campaign. Through our campaigns we bring awareness to climate change and teach degrowth strategies to reduce our carbon footprint. Our most significant campaign #TreesAreForOxygen coordinating community members around the nation to plant trees. Our work impacts millions and adds to the overall wellbeing of the planet!

So come out and party for a cause!!


The Awakened Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization with a mission to empower people to live more sustainably while having more enriched and fulfilling lives. Home to The Blackland Ranch Holistic Healing Retreat Center; a destination for peace tranquility and harmony. Located on 80 acres of land; which houses nature trails, gardens, camp sites, plenty of lounge areas and open space to commune with nature!

For more information and interviewing opportunities please call: 856-366-6476.

Or you may visit our website: www.degrowthfest.com

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