The New Social Media Model of International Marketing is the Secret to Shaanxi Winning the Market

March 17 12:57 2020

As the starting point of the ancient silk road, Shaanxi boasts abundant historical and cultural resources and is striving to build an international tourism hub and a world-class cultural tourism center. In the era dominated by social media and network flow, Shaanxi has been following the development of the times, actively showing the world the new image of Shaanxi history and modernity through the social media platforms. 

In the form of “culture + tourism + events,” Shaanxi social media combines special online posts and offline creative activity marketing, implementing differentiated operations on three platforms (FB, TW, INS). In the past year, followers of Shaanxi’s three social media platforms exceeded 40thousands, with 60thousand annual interaction and over 10milion annual exposure. 

Over the past year, various marketing strategies have emerged to attract millions of overseas fans to Shaanxi platforms. Among them, the exhibition in Vidcon and the “Shaanxi Rhythm” activity are worth mentioning here. 

The creative booth brought by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism made a stunning appearance at Vidcon, one of the largest celebrations in the world. As the first cultural and tourism image presented at VidCon, Shaanxi had left a deep impression on the fans.

To strengthen the follow-up influence of Vidcon and further display the characteristic of Shaanxi tourism culture in-depth, “Shaanxi Rhythm,” an offline activity, brought a high collision between Chinese and Western cultures. It adapted “split-screen,” Tiktok’s most popular editing method, to make synchronous comparison between China and overseas, forming a time-space connection between the two. This activity directly conveyed the essence of Shaanxi culture and art, not only gave overseas fans a thorough understanding of Shaanxi cultural tourism but also deepened the influence of Shaanxi cultural tourism on foreign fans.

In recent years, Shaanxi has carried out a number of social media promotion projects abroad, reflecting Shaanxi flavor and Chinese style through the integration of culture and tourism. Shaanxi has always been at the world’s leading-edge in cultural and tourism promotions, and it will better introduce the culture, history, and humanities of Shaanxi to the audiences all over the world in the near future.

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