‘The Nature of Good Government’ by H Doyle Smith Presents a Revolutionary Perspective on Community Roles, Religion & Tackling Social Issues

May 05 06:46 2020

May 5, 2020 – What does a good government look like? Answers to this question usually range from the practical to the abstract, but a consensus is hard to obtain. A fresh light on this perennial question is shed by author H Doyle Smith in his recently published work, “The Nature of Good Government”.

The government should be a government of people, not money. The Occupy Wall Street movement senses this but lacks focus. This book provides that focus,” says H Doyle Smith.

“The Nature of Good Government” looks at the roles that the government plays in areas such as safety, conflict resolution and pooling of resources. It draws upon the Bible as an important source that addresses most of the concerns of a government. It then applies these principles to the roles that people should play in a well governed community. The book explores these roles, and notes their importance for the state of confusion that today prevails in America.

On religion, the author observes the striving for “perfection”, and notes that this is like asking for the impossible and hence a guarantee for failure. Religion’s role should include forgiveness for failure to achieve perfection. 

Among the chapters presented in the book are, ‘The Ten Basic Rules’, ‘The Church Cannot Judge’, ‘The Christian’s Role’, and ‘Respect to Whom Respect is Due’. The book also contains two chapters on the ‘Proposed Medical Reform Bill’ and ‘Immigration as an American Problem’.

I have presented a revolutionary point of view that looks at our current difficulties and suggests that our government should attempt to solve problems, rather than bemoan them,” says H Doyle Smith.

H. Doyle Smith holds degrees in economics, government, history, and business. He also carries a good experience with corporate editing, individual taxation, government and military experience, and many other ways that people use to contribute to the society.

Excerpt from the book: “The United States is at a crisis. We do not define good government and allow those who have asked for the responsibility of governing to be drawn of in every direction, chasing red herrings like abortion, no taxes, free trade, or deregulation. These are theories. The role of government is about people’s lives, not abstract theories that do not apply.”

The Nature of Good Government” is available as a Kindle edition.

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