Soft Echoes launches new support service – CoVid 19 Coronavirus Survivor Support Groups

May 05 07:40 2020
Mental health services and counseling solutions provider, Soft Echoes, announces the launch of their new support service to help survivors of COVID-19 share their experiences and learn from each other

Soft Echoes, in line with their slogan, “Conversations Between Survivors,” and their goal of providing survivors the opportunity to share their experiences, connect, learn about the impact of trauma, and heal in a safe, supportive, and strength-based group setting, the mental health services and counseling recently launched the CDC compliant CoVid 19 Coronavirus Survivor Support Groups to officially start on May 1st, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked a lot of havoc in the last three months, with more than 3 million people directly infected by the virus. Several measures have been put in place by governments across the globe to curb the spread of the virus. However, not too many efforts have gone towards dealing with the psychological impact of COVID-19 on survivors and even their loved ones. Recent reports have revealed cases of stigmatization against survivors of the virus, leading to fear and anxiety. This is where Soft Echoes is looking to make a difference with the launch of their COVID-19-oriented online counseling groups.

Soft Echoes uses Didaktiks Educational Systems to conduct the Webcasted Groups. The organization has adopted the same approach with the free to all CoVid 19 Coronavirus Survivor Support Groups. Enrollees to the support group get access to literature, assistance links and product freebies for free as well as Live Group Access.

The WebCasted group will feature board vetted therapist facilitators, helping participants to process traumatic memories or experiences, ultimately making it a lot easier for survivors to deal with their remaining anxiety and find ways to relieve that stress. Each facilitator and volunteer on the CoVid 19 Coronavirus Survivor Support Groups, as well as other Webcasted Groups, are connected to all State and Federal courts and probation officers, with great security and longevity.

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About Soft Echoes

Soft Echoes is a support service provider that offers a safe place to connect with other survivors who share similar experiences. The organization is the first provider of Online WebCasted Groups, thanks to a team of experienced and trained empathetic counselors. The Facilitators are connected to all State and Federal courts and Department of child and family services as the organization has been offering Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse victims groups in accordance with the requirements of the law. The CoVid facilitators will also go through the same review and vetting process as other facilitators.

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