Pain Management is More than Just Physical – It Takes an Emotional and Financial Toll Also

September 26 03:33 2020

There is a lot more to the experience of pain than just the physical suffering involved in it, especially when pain becomes chronic and long-lasting.  Chronic pain affects every aspect of a patient’s life.  More than the pain itself, there can be serious impediments to living a normal life and the psychological impacts can be devastating.  Chronic pain is defined by the National Institute for Health as pain that lasts beyond the time of actual healing from an injury or surgery.  Sometimes there is a known cause and other times there might not be a specific reason.  The nerves that signal pain keep “firing” and induce what is known as Chronic Pain Syndrome.  Chronic pain should be evaluated by a good pain management center or clinic, such as the Pain Management & Wellness Centers of Atlanta, Georgia.  Providing services throughout the entire Atlanta area, this provider is a premier pain management service with high reviews on Google. 

The emotional and financial impacts of pain can be as devastating as the pain itself.

Especially in the case of severe pain depression and anxiety can overtake a sufferer’s life completely.  It might prevent them from taking part in gainful employment or in social activities.  They can become very isolated and feel very much alone with their suffering.  It is therefore imperative to seek relief from chronic pain as soon as possible and as completely as can be achieved.  It is estimated that almost 85% of individuals with severe chronic pain will eventually also suffer from severe depressionThis is a rather staggering statistic and does indeed suggest that the sooner chronic pain is relieved, the more likely it is that an individual sufferer can maintain good mental health. 

The financial burdens of chronic pain cannot be discounted either. 

Individuals with chronic pain who cannot work can suffer serious financial hardships.  They might also accrue many medical bills associated with repeated visits to doctors that do not specialize in pain management and cannot help them.  They may seek out therapists and while coping strategies can assist in their emotional turmoil, these types of services can quickly run up bills that only add to the already existing burden they live under.  It is considered a public health crisis and under-reporting and treatment is common.  Almost 37% of the population does suffer some type of chronic pain but either seek no remedy or the wrong type of remedy.  Chasing relief that does not occur proves fruitless and expensive and leads to more stress on top of an already stress-filled life because of the pain. 

Relief is available through the Pain Management & Wellness Centers of Georgia. 

Although all pain cannot many times be eradicated altogether it can be managed through comprehensive therapies and pain management plans.  The services offered for successful management of pain must include the total wellness of individuals and each plan for pain management must be well thought out and employed diligently.  Only a good pain management center can accomplish this type of success.  There is no reason to live a life of misery forever.

About Pain Management & Wellness Centers of Georgia

This pain management and wellness center in Atlanta, GA, focuses on a holistic approach to the management of chronic pain and even pain after an injury or illness recovery.  Wellness testing is done, along with Interventional Pain Management, Biofeedback, Injections, Nerve Blocks, Physical Therapy, Nerve Ablation, and Medication Management of Pain.   

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