SharpLight Technologies Introducing Innovative Laser Tech Solutions

September 26 03:45 2020

SharpLight Technologies is a pioneer in the design and development of aesthetic medical equipment. They cover a comprehensive variety of stand-alone & multi-technology solutions that provide exceptional clinical outcomes.

Its research, experiment, and customer care are operated from its headquarters in Canada. As a SharpLight customer, you get exposure to a technical support team to advise you, a clinician to resolve any ongoing queries you might have, and a marketing representative to provide you with a variety of advertising materials, along with a company set of tools. From your testing process to your integration to your regular use of SharpLight technology, SharpLight will guide you with all the necessary steps.

Being a leader in med-aesthetic technology development, SharpLight is producing high performance and aesthetic medical equipment. Its high-quality laser machines can foster your company through various avenues. In combination with other therapeutic lasers, these laser devices are used for the treatment of eye surgery, soft tissue application, laser-scalpel treatment, laser therapy (Photobiomodulation), and various other surgical applications.

The different cosmetic procedures done by laser include hair mitigation, scars reduction, skin conditions (and other forms of marks) treatment, and treatment for Blemish-prone skin (including stretch marks and pimples).

In terms of quality, SharpLight delivers high-quality, innovative solutions using a range of technologies, along with energy-based dynamic pulse control (DPC), multi-polar radio frequency (RF), lasers, and infrared. Such platforms perform a wide variety of effective applications, namely cosmetic surgery, revitalization of the skin, elimination of stretch marks, Acne treatments, hyperpigmentation treatments, facial and body contouring.

Experienced professionals at SharpLight are committed to improvement and innovation, guaranteeing that they achieve the sector’s highest standards for the performance, cost-efficiency, reliability, and performance of med-aesthetic products. SharpLight is directly connected to customer requirements and is committed to creating solutions that will help you boost the appearance of your customers and increase the success rate of your company.

About SharpLight Technologies

SharpLight is well-positioned for providing everyone with comprehensive beauty technology and business applications. More than just a supplier, they have such a vast background in the industry, starting in the clinical business setting before the actual establishment of the manufacturing business in 2004.  Also, they are part of the American Laser Company (AML) that runs an extensive network of aesthetic clinics around the world. Their team is comprised of specialists, physicians, marketing executives, engineers, and technicians with extensive knowledge in designing, developing, and manufacturing the most groundbreaking aesthetic equipment.

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