Docformative Offers Health Care Providers Access to Pharma Resources Like Never Before

October 26 21:04 2020
Docformative Offers Health Care Providers Access to Pharma Resources Like Never Before

For decades, Health Care Providers (HCPs) have had a love-hate relationship with pharmaceutical sales representatives. Pharma reps have important information about new and existing drugs that can help the busy physician have a better understanding of treatment options for their patients, as well as offer samples for physicians to distribute to their eligible patients. However, the reps can be perceived as pushy, biased, and disruptive to the workflow of the physicians’ practice. As physicians’ time has become more constrained with increasing patient loads and administrative duties, many physicians no longer have any time to see the sales reps. Many practices and hospitals either ban or severely restrict sales reps, including Kaiser Permanente and the Veterans Administration health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this situation even worse. According to an April 2020 report by McKinsey & Company, “most pharma companies have partially or completely pulled their reps out of the field.” This has resulted in, on average, a 65% decline in interaction frequency with pharma reps.* Physicians now have to find information on their own or try to hunt down a way to get professional drug samples, something that is difficult and time-consuming. Information and resources are out there on the internet, but there is no central location for all the information that a physician would need.

Docformative is a new digital platform that helps to alleviate these problems. The ecosystem keeps providers up to date with the latest drug and medical information, makes it easy to order professional drug samples and allows the physician to initiate communication, via in-app messaging, with a pharma expert, not the other way around. Only physicians can initiate a chat when they have questions and/or need further information.

What is Docformative? “Docformative provides doctors with drug and medical educational material from pharma companies that helps HCPs care for their patients, all in one digital platform,” said Raphael Chudaitov, CEO of Docformative. “All the HCP has to do is download one app to have all the resources they need at their fingertips on their mobile phone. Additionally, we are a neutral third party, so no company receives any preferential treatment. This way, providers can be comfortable using our platform knowing we aren’t pushing anything but knowledge.” The platform is and will always be free for providers.

The pharma company places their educational materials on branded drugs onto the platform which is then accessed by the provider whenever they wish. In addition to pharma educational material, the ability to chat with pharma experts and order samples, physicians will receive alerts on important information regarding new drug safety issues, drug recalls, new available clinical data, new FDA approved indications, etc., that can be vital to patient care. To further assist providers and improve patient care, the Docformative app delivers up to date medical news, provided by, and the ability to access the unedited professional labeling of all FDA approved drugs in the US.

The company is currently in discussion with a few big pharma companies. They envision a time when all pharma companies will partner with Docformative, which would be even more beneficial to busy physicians. “This has been a long time coming,” said Dr. Jeffrey G. Levine, Chief Medical Officer of Docformative and a physician with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. “Some pharma companies have tried to create their own app, but the user experience was very poor. They are just not good at creating digital apps and these apps were rarely, if ever, used.” Dr. Levine points out that there are dozens of pharma companies out there and if each one produced their own app, a physician would have to download and register dozens of apps, which is not practical. With Docformative being one centralized platform, a physician only has to download a single app with a single registration to have access to all the pharma companies out there.

The easy and intuitive Docformative app is available now in the Apple App Store. An Android and web app version will be available soon. While the company remains in talks with pharma companies, providers can benefit now from the medical news, the drug labeling, and important alerts the platform has to offer. Health Care Providers (providers with MD, DO, DMD, DDS, PA, NP, RPh and PharmD degrees) as well as medical students are encouraged to download and sign-up for the platform using their NPI number (a publicly available number assigned to each HCP by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services).

Pharma companies are urged to take advantage of this new and exciting platform and partner with Docformative as a way to get their resources back into the hands (and pockets) of Health Care Providers and off-set the COVID-19 loss to HCP access.

Docformative is a new and innovative digital platform that gives Health Care Providers access to pharma resources in a way that has never been done before. It allows providers to easily get the information they need to better treat their patients, all from one app that sits on the device in their pocket.

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