Kentucky rapper, Illy Assassin releases a new album “Higher Dimension” with massive success on Spotify

November 30 07:03 2020
Broc Rashad Martin, better known by his stage name Illy Assassin or Illy The Assassin, is heading towards the path of success in the music industry. With the new album released, it gained hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify within 3 days. Assassin has also introduced a clothing line under the name of ‘Stay Fly Mafia’.

Paducah, Kentucky, USA – With the music industry facing new faces each day, Illy Assassin is already an established name. Started in 2010, Assassin has made his way towards success and fame in the eyes of his fans. Originally from Kentucky, Assassin built a successful fan following making mixtapes in the past. He attended Paducah Tilghman high school, where he was the pioneer of making a presence online. Now Assassin has made a comeback in 2020, with the new album, under the title of Higher Dimension which was recently released on Spotify and merely in 3 days, it topped more than 300,000 streams.

Illy Assassin is more than a rapper, he is also an Audio Engineer and a Video Director from West Kentucky. Assassin’s history can be traced back to as far as 2010, where he used to sell his CDs out of the trunk of his car, in the hallways of his high school. And now he is back in 2020, with a brand new fresh album. This album, Higher Dimension is about the spiritual side of going from being nothing all the way up to being something. The album describes the life struggles of successful people and how they work hard in order to achieve their goals.

The album includes songs like A lot Of Pain, From A Scrub To A Boss, Never Give Up, False Prophets and many more songs that give the listeners a feeling of doing something good for themselves in their lives. The album urges people to get out of the comfort zone and push their boundaries to get what they want. with talented vocals, a hip-hop atmosphere and fiery beats, the album is all about doing something that matters.

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Assassin has also announced the launch of a new clothing line, by the name of Stay Fly Mafia, which can be found at The products include Illy Assassin’s merch, such as T-shirts and hoodies, which are high-quality, durable and available for kids, men and women. In addition to the merch, Stay Fly Mafia branded clothing is also available.

With the release of a new album and managing the e-store for the new clothing line, Assassin aspires to reach out to even bigger and better heights. He aims to give more than that to the community of the faithful fans.

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