Joshua Pollitt: The Man, The Myth & The Legend

November 30 07:12 2020
Joshua Pollitt: The Man, The Myth & The Legend

Many may have survived growing up in a difficult community, but very few live long enough to tell their tale of survival. Those who do survive long enough to overcome their hurtful past strive to make something of themselves and eventually succeed. Such is the inspiring story that East Coast Magazine Inc. founder, Chairman of the Board Joshua Pollitt, shares to the world.

Currently committed to delivering a message of hope to all types of audiences, Pollitt is reaching out to the world to show people good things can still come out of bad experiences. Growing up in Camden, New Jersey, was the beginning of a journey he will never forget in this lifetime. Who would think that a poverty-stricken little boy, who at some point almost ended up homeless, would one day build a magazine empire from scratch?

Early on, Pollitt knew there is a purpose behind the suffering that he and his family went through. He may not have all the answers to his many questions, but he is certain he does not have to. He moved forward, fixing his eyes on his goals, knowing that somebody out there is waiting to hear his moving story.

Pollitt is using his difficult past as fuel to ignite his passion – helping others survive the way he did. As a motivational speaker, he emphasizes the importance of discipline, focus, and finding the meaning of life. His gift in the art and science of Astrology is consistently giving him clarity and the motivation he needs to press on.

His interest in Astrology started at the young age of 12. He eventually became an Astrologer and part of what he does is charting programs for interested clients. Moreover, his rare gift allows him to speak about the true meaning of life in relation to the influence of the planets and stars.

Pollitt is mostly preoccupied with finishing his first e-book called, “You Are Potential in Human Form.” The e-book partly touches on his innate self-discipline and his ability to focus. He firmly believes that the e-book will open the eyes of people and he is confident that they will find it marvelous.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur established his magazine in 2018 right after he graduated from the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania holding a Bachelor of Science degree. The discipline and determination he learned by engaging in sports as a student prepared him greatly for the many challenges of his adult life. He did not let poverty get in the way of playing football and track and field. His motivation to excel regardless of his burdensome childhood is something that he hopes to impart to people that he mentors.

By the time Pollitt reached college, he was confident, driven, and secure enough to pursue leadership roles. He did not allow prejudice to get in the way of his desire to positively influence the lives of people he encountered. Instead, he put himself out there – to serve, connect, and make a difference.

Besides having been Class President of his senior class at Hazleton, he also became president of the Photography Club in college. Aside from the Photography Club, he also became a Public Relations Specialist for Men of Distinguished Excellence. He was also Director of Organizational Relations and part of the Executive Board of the Student Government Association (SGA).

On the day he was born, even Pollitt’s mother knew that he would become a leader like Joshua in the Bible. Joshua, in the Bible, became the successor of Moses and led the people of Israel to the Promised Land. Pollitt is living that life — leading people out of the wilderness of their lives into their land of overflowing milk and honey.

Pollitt may seem to have done so much at his young age, but he is not stopping anytime soon. Helping create new stories of survival and hope is something that he sees himself doing longer than most people expect.

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