Rising Author Lala Shymier on Reigniting Her Passion for Literature and Releasing Her Debut Novel

January 16 02:15 2021
Rising Author Lala Shymier on Reigniting Her Passion for Literature and Releasing Her Debut Novel

COVID-19 has impacted people in innumerable ways and continues to do so until today. Not only has the pandemic maneuvered people away from what is normal, but it has also created an entirely new atmosphere under which people are forced to adapt. However, while it is true that the outbreak has debilitated every life worldwide, it has also provided people with the opportunity to pause and reconnect with who they are and what they want. In the case of author Lala Shymier, the quarantine gave her the chance to reignite her burning passion for literature. 

Since she was young, this emerging name in the writing industry has always found a home between the pages of a book. Having fallen in love with writing in high school, she went on numerous adventures together with the characters of her most cherished literary pieces. Additionally, the excitement of trading places with her characters, building their world, and solving their issues through words made writing her favorite pastime. 

Although it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that Layla Shymier immediately delved into the world of writing, her obsession with perfection as well as financial responsibilities hindered her from pursuing her passion, keeping her written work prisoner to her notebook. It was not until quarantine happened that this Psychology graduate from Kean University felt the spark and found the courage to transfer into paper what has resided in her mind for so long. 

Through her first novel, Tears in a Hurricane, Lala Shymier invites readers into the realm rife with urban tales. This masterpiece also gives readers a glimpse of the personality and optimism that characterizes the go-getter, allowing them to know the author with the help of the words written on the pages of the book. 

As her debut novel, Tears in a Hurricane, is an impressive entry into the literature space. Since its launch, it has managed to snag the attention of countless readers. While the characters are fictional, their scenarios are based and rooted in experiences that Lala Shymier is intimately privy to and has witnessed. 

Apart from making a mark in the lives of readers, this author, born in North Carolina and raised in New Jersey, has dipped her toes in several other endeavors. Lala Shymier is also a proud mother dedicated to building a love-filled home for her family. 

In the years to come, more publications and masterpieces can be expected from Lala Shymier. Armed with her passion for writing and the mission of encouraging and igniting that same passion in others, she hopes to send across a powerful message of faith to aspirants all over the world. Through her story, she wants to let it be known that people have the power to breathe life into their heart’s desires. 

Learn more about Lala Shymier by visiting her website and checking out her Instagram and Facebook page. 

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