Jared Moussalli Disrupts The Music Industry With Money Records LLC

February 01 03:16 2021
Jared Moussalli Disrupts The Music Industry With Money Records LLC
Innovative entrepreneur and entertainment business executive, Jared Moussalli of Money Records LLC, uses a unique music distribution framework to help artists monetize their content

Jared Moussalli has literally changed the way the business of music is done, especially for independent artists, leveraging a fantastic distribution framework to help market artists and get value for their work. Jared founded Money Records LLC to promote music the “2030 way,” helping to manage, distribute, and market artists, with a network of over 150 digital stores giving clients the needed exposure to make the best of their career.

The global music and entertainment industry has undoubtedly evolved over the years, with the emergence of different stakeholders making the multi-billion-dollar market even more competitive and dynamic. The music industry can be particularly challenging for artists, especially independent artists, as making headway in the market requires more than making banging songs. The promotion and marketing aspect of the music business has become more important in recent times, with digital music distribution seemingly easing the process of reaching as many people as possible. Unfortunately, tons of musicians worldwide have not been able to effectively leverage digital distribution to earn from the content they put out. However, young passionate entrepreneur, Jared Moussalli, looks poised to changing this narrative through Money Records LLC.

Money Records LLC is offering an “out the world” distribution service as Jared aims to help indie artists receive their due royalties. The company provides a platform for artists to take their career to the next level, personifying the marketing process and experience, being an artist himself. Jared understands the plight of musicians, especially those who have to add the tasks of marketing their work to their traditional responsibility of making music and entertaining their fans.

The music marketing company works with some of the biggest names in the distribution business, bridging the gap between artists and digital retailers while offering non-exclusive deals to musicians who retain full rights of their works.

Money Records LLC has partnered with the likes of Apple, Tik Tok, and Spotify, allowing the company to reach more fans on behalf of upcoming artists. The company helps clients to get their music on premium digital platforms, ultimately ensuring a higher percentage of royalties and wider reach.

For more information about Money Records LLC and the works of Jared Moussalli, please visit – Www.MoneyRecords.co.

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