Home Inspection Service for Mold In Milwaukee, Wisconsin Launched

March 02 09:16 2021
Home Inspection Service for Mold In Milwaukee, Wisconsin Launched
A locally owned and operated home inspection service called Onpoint Home Inspections has just announced to the public that they are now providing mold inspection services for homebuyers in the greater Milwaukee metro area.

Milwaukee, WI – Onpoint Home Inspections recently added an important new examination service to their long list of inspection services they already provide.  

Founded ten years ago, Onpoint Home Inspections has a long history of identifying potential problems in a house that is up for sale. 

Home inspections are vitally important when a person is thinking of buying a house, either as an investment property or as a family home. 


Investors can end up losing a lot of money if problems are not identified ahead of the sale.  Smart investors are already aware that they need to have the plumbing, wiring, foundation, and roof inspected.  These are the big-ticket items that should cause an investor to abandon a sale.  

But many investors don’t realize that mold is one of the problems that can significantly affect the value of a property.  When evidence of mold is found, abatement can be costly, depending on the extent of the problem.

Family Home Buyers

Prospective homebuyers in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area think that since Milwaukee has such cold winters that mold is probably not a problem.  The truth is that any area of the country can experience mold problems.

Although mold is very prevalent in humid areas of the country, it can be a problem anywhere.  A roof leak will most certainly cause mold to form if the roof is not repaired promptly.

Since plumbing runs through walls, leaks can happen regardless of the climate.  If the pipe leaks or breaks, the drywall will get wet, and eventually, mold will form.

Mold in Attics 

A good home inspector will carefully check out the attic of the house.  When the attic is not properly ventilated, it’s effortless for mold to form.  Activities of daily life in a house produce humidity.  Taking a shower or running a dishwasher releases a lot of humid air into a home.  This moist air rises into the attic space and can form mold on top of the attic insulation.  

Homebuyers and investors should always visit a prospective purchase several times before they decide to buy.  If they notice any signs of mold, they should immediately call the home inspection service.

If a buyer notices a musty odor, there is probably mold somewhere.  Unscrupulous sellers might air out the house before a showing to get rid of the musty order.  Don’t be fooled; have an inspector check it out.  

An experienced inspection service will learn about a neighborhood.  Over the years, they will inspect several houses in the same community.  Soon they will notice that homes on a particular street all seem to have the same mold problems.

About Onpoint Home Inspections

Company founder and CEO Kenya Conley believes that prospective home buyers should go into the sale knowing every possible detail about the house under consideration.  To that end, his company onpointinspect.com provides home inspection services from the foundation up through the roof.  This includes attics, garages, siding, basements, radon, plumbing, and electricity. 

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