Using superior technology, 2USmiles clear aligners are fast becoming the preferred alternative to traditional solutions

January 17 18:02 2022
The company offers pre-treatment, during treatment, and post-treatment guarantees

2USmiles provides a unique and innovative way for people to straighten their* teeth with their clear aligners most comfortably and cost-effectively. Made from specially engineered plastic, 2Usmiles clear aligners are highly durable and ultra-comfortable to wear. A professional orthodontics team monitors the entire treatment.

“A beautiful smile with a straight-set of teeth is what everyone hopes for, but it is hard. Misalignments are extremely common and have been treated using the traditional metal braces for ages, but metal braces can take a toll on the individual’s self-confidence.” Ryan Liu, {Position}, 2Usmiles. “Moreover, with metal braces, one has to be extremely careful with what they eat, brush and floss carefully to avoid breaking the wires, which just makes it time-consuming and inefficient.”

“Clear aligners have become an extremely popular alternative as they are virtually invisible. 2USmiles clear aligners are made with ultra-soft material, come at an affordable price, and are invisible. They can be removed while eating thus, making it extremely simple to use,” said Ryan.  

The features that make 2Usmiles unique are its 3D data modelling technique, 60% more clarity coupled with an affordable plan and dedicated support team. 2Usmiles offers pre-treatment, during, and post-treatment guarantees to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

“We are committed to providing the best care and experience to our customers and hence, focus on providing them all-round care with urgent care support, interactive 3D preview, supervision from dentists/ orthodontists – we offer something that other companies don’t: remote monitoring by an orthodontist. No office visits are required! Everything is mailed to the doorstep all at once. The doctor remotely gives all the instructions and takes care of the progress.” He added. The treatment plan length lasts between six to eight months, unlike most other players in the industry, which offer treatments of up to eight to twelve months. 

2Usmiles creates a computer model of customers’ teeth that replicates the form and shape of their impression. Using laser scanner technology, the team at 2Usmiles can capture 3D data that is then used to craft the custom set of aligners. Clear Aligners can correct crooked teeth, overcrowding, spacing, and 2Usmiles clear aligners can fix mild bite problems.

“The specialist who designs and prescribes the treatment plan tracks the progress with scans that customer takes from a phone. The orthodontist keeps tabs on the treatment and maintains regular communication with the patient,” Ryan added.

The real treat is divided into three parts – pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment.

In pre-treatment, once the team receives the patient’s impressions, the orthodontic team thoroughly assesses the case and creates a plan to fit the unique needs of patients. During treatment, the progress is regularly evaluated, and modifications are made as required. Post-treatment ensures the aligners are worn periodically, and the dental hygiene routine is thoroughly followed. 

“To see the desired results of the treatment, patients must follow the treatment plan exactly (at least 22 hours/day and switching aligners every two weeks), upload their check-up photos at the designated times, maintain proper oral hygiene with regular check-ups at the dentist and keep all your original aligners,” Ryan further noted.

2Usmiles provides two sets of kits – a starter kit or an impression kit and a bundle package which comes with an Impression kit, aligning kit, whitening kit, and a free set of retainers.

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