Creative Biolabs Paves the Way for Immune Checkpoint Therapies Development

January 17 18:14 2022
Creative Biolabs, a global life science company with leading biotechnological platforms, leverages antibody and biomarker discovery techniques to advance diagnostic and therapeutic applications of immune checkpoints against cancer.

New York, USA – January 17, 2022 – Immune checkpoint targeted therapies, known for blocking co-inhibitory signaling pathways and allowing immune-mediated anti-tumor effects, have transformed the approaches for treating a range of previously irremediable cancers. Though with some noticeable improvements and promising clinical applications, immune checkpoint blockade therapies are still facing significant challenges like the low response rate and serious side effects in patients. Having recognized these obstacles and long devoted to immune checkpoint applications in cancer therapies and diagnostics, Creative Biolabs paves the road for researchers by providing a wide range of immune checkpoint targeted services, including the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors and immune checkpoint biomarkers.

Development of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Tumor cells suppress anti-tumor immune responses by activating and overexpressing inhibitory immune checkpoints, while immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) such as antibodies, peptides, and small molecular drugs can block the signaling pathway of immunosuppressive molecules and restore the function of effector T cells to specifically kill tumor cells. Highly affinitive and specific antibodies are one of the most important inhibitors for immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) approaches. Creative Biolabs, as a prominent service provider in antibody development and production, has extensive experience in designing and synthesizing the next-generation novel immune checkpoint antibodies, involving antibody engineering, characterization, screening, sorting, etc.

* Immune Checkpoint Antibody Optimization

To eliminate nonspecific and off-target interactions between immune checkpoint inhibitors and immune checkpoint molecules, Creative Biolabs explores various techniques and strategies to engineer and optimize immune checkpoint antibodies for better performance, including antibody conjugation, humanization, and Fc domain optimization. Creative Biolabs is also a trustworthy partner for researchers whose projects are based on multispecific or multifunctional immune checkpoint antibodies.

* Immune Checkpoint Antibody Characterization

Antibody characterization is also an important subsequent procedure, which can verify the expected functions of developed antibodies. Researchers at Creative Biolabs have developed various platforms to test antibody binding activities and affinity. This company also introduces immune checkpoint antibody de novo sequencing approaches to identify and determine the sequence of novel antibody drug candidates.

Discovery of Immune Checkpoint Biomarkers

Predictive biomarkers can indicate the immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy before initiating the treatment. However, even the only standard predictive biomarker, PD-L1, remains suboptimal due to clinical limits. To advance the development of immune checkpoint therapies, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to discovering new biomarkers for immune checkpoint inhibitors.

A researcher at Creative Biolabs stated that “we see the importance of these biomarkers in designing cancer treatments, so we are glad to be a part of this by providing any possible services in developing genetic and translational biomarkers.”

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is an antibody-centric biotechnology company. Aiming at providing high-quality and customizable antibody development and production services, this company has become an established and trustworthy brand in the field of developing novel immune checkpoint inhibitors.

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