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January 17 19:17 2022

Every athlete walking on this Earth knows for a fact: TRAINING IS KING.

More specifically, training consistently, day in, day out, over the long run, IS KING.

This daily grind is the single most important thing one can do to perform at the highest level.

And it’s the perfect ally to life and its challenges. Will one grow in strength with this daily hardship, or be beaten by it?

MANIMAL was created to support those in the arena, pursuing excellence on a daily basis.

They believe that when one fails, it should be because they were beaten fair and square. 

One should not be beaten by things they cannot control: old injuries, wrist wraps giving way during a PR, or faulty tape sliding off and causing them to lose grip during a crucial part of their lift.

This ethos is what drives MANIMAL.

Established in 2010 by George Corbo. Corbo, a strength and conditioning coach who specialized in CrossFit saw that the equipment athletes were using, not the athletes themselves, were often becoming limiting factors in performance. 

As an example, in 2009, the go-to method for most athletes to prevent wrist pain was to use athletic tape to tape around their wrists before training, and throw them out after each session, or as soon as they lost their stickiness due to sweat.

This was incredibly ineffective, as such tape wasn’t designed for joint stability during heavy lifting. How could a small bit of tape keep the joint in place against 100s of pounds being thrown into the air? 

This inevitably led to lots of injuries during training. Injuries that could have been prevented given the right gear.

After trying out every pair of wrist wraps he could find, Corbo still couldn’t find a pair of Wrist Wraps that could match the needs of athletes and prevent these injuries from happening.

Exhausting every available option, Corbo set out to create his own. After a year of painstaking research and development trying out every combination of material, he put together a combo of material and design that provided an unheard-of level of compression and stabilization to the wrist.

Unknowingly, he had created the first Wrist Wrap of its kind. A wrist-wrap that specifically catered to the needs of Strength Athletes. 

Due to an old wrist injury playing football, Corbo had been plagued by wrist injuries. This new Wrist Wrap made that problem a thing of the past. He could now train pain-free, lift more weight and push himself further than ever before.

The Wrist Wrap was expertly engineered to provide compression and stabilization to the wrist joint so that the user can generate more force and lift more weight. 

By creating their Wrist Wrap, MANIMAL had removed the limiting factor for many athletes suffering from wrist pain. 

Such athletes could now perform to the level they pushed themselves to, not the level their wrist pain limited them to.

Everyone who tried the wrist-wrap loved it and couldn’t train without it. Realizing the significance of what he had done, he and his team of experts set out to expand their mission beyond wrist-wraps.

They set out to create a wide range of training gear; apparel with deeper meaning and gear designed to help an athlete train safely and more effectively over years of use. 

A range of training gear that removed equipment as a limiting factor, and inspired the user to face adversity head-on. 

Work started, and by late 2010, the first line of MANIMAL training gear shipped out.

Since then, every MANINAL product produced has been produced with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Today, MANIMAL’s line of training gear includes lifting straps, neck gaiters, apparel, and their flagship Wrist Wraps and Ethos Prints. This coming year they plan to release weightlifting belts, supplements, and gym shorts.

Even today, George Corbo and his team are in a gym daily, stress-testing their gear to make sure it holds up, no matter the situation. 

“If a product is not good enough for us – it doesn’t get made by MANIMAL.”

Ultimately, this philosophy dictates everything that MANIMAL does as a brand.

This commitment to quality is what separates MANIMAL from other, mass-produced brands owned by large corporate entities. 

MANIMAL is built for athletes, by athletes. It is built for those who need their gear to perform when they most need it. 

MANIMAL also recognizes and understands the importance of human psychology in physical training.

Hence, they created the MANIMAL Ethos Prints.

These Ethos Prints are simple statements and quotes, made into posters that an athlete can place in their view as they train.

The ethos statements are specially crafted to offer encouragement to the athlete as they train and to offer motivation on the days when they’re ‘not feeling like it.’

Because that is the whole essence of the daily grind of training – doing it even on the bad days

Check out the MANIMAL line at and start effective, pain-free training today.

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