The Health Sciences Academy: Trailblazing Nutrition Education for the Nutritionists of the Future

March 04 21:38 2022
A Clinical Nutrition Program that redefines how nutrition professionals learn, serve, and earn.

The global nutrition market size was worth USD 252.38 billion in 2020 and is set to grow by USD 74.67 billion during 2022-2026. The reason for this rapid surge: Pursuit of better health.

Today, people are seeking solutions beyond diet magazines and off-the-shelf meal plans. That means industry standards need to transcend one-size-fits-all strategies and focus on personalised nutrition advice.

But is traditional education evolving with the times and the changing needs of the nutritionists of the future? Unfortunately no.

While many nutrition professionals graduate from universities, these programs come with their own set of limitations and are highly outdated and prohibitive even today.

They demand a longer time commitment, place a high financial burden on students (twice as much for international students), offer little-to-no flexibility, and lack client-centric curriculum and hands-on training. That’s why, despite having the required degree, most professionals lack the confidence or the practical know-how to work with ‘real’ clients and often suffer from imposter syndrome.

Add to that fierce competition, with new entrants coming into the health and nutrition space every day! To stay ahead, it’s imperative for professionals and aspirants to be up-to-date with the latest in the industry, and get the best practical client tools and knowledge to deliver results for their clients – quickly and effectively.

That’s why many of them are turning towards trusted new-age education providers who are redefining the game for the better.

Take The Health Sciences Academy for instance – a 100% science-based online nutrition education institution – that’s setting new industry standards with their 3Ps: Personalisation, Practical Science, and Protection from Harm. Over the last 10 years, their team of scientists, PhDs, and RDNs have shaped over 150,000 nutrition professionals who are transforming the lives of millions.

Their flexible Level 7 Clinical Nutrition Program is the flagbearer of this revolution that’s empowering a new generation of nutritionists all over the world with evidence-based knowledge and advanced clinical skills. It equips them with the combined power of multiple core competencies, including Nutritional Therapy and Food Science, Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Lifestyle Medicine, Clinical Weight Loss and Eating Psychology, Gut Health Nutrition, Mental Health, Nutrition for Cancer Risk and Longevity, Dietary Supplementation, and Advanced Research Techniques – and an additional elective of their choice.

In the words of Maurice Castelijn, CEO of The Health Sciences Academy, “The Clinical Nutrition Program is a university-level program, specially designed for those who find the time and costs of a 3- or 4-year long degree prohibitive but are not willing to compromise on quality. It gives them the credibility they need to run a reputable nutrition practice and serve clients proficiently and confidently.”

For most nutrition and health professionals, the ultimate goal is to help people improve their overall well-being while securing a sustainable income. With much higher standards than their competitors, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist has the mastery to work with niche clients, become insurable to practice, and create a global impact.

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