AutoDepth’s Premium Quality Car Detailing Products Acclaimed by Customers Nationwide

September 27 10:49 2022 is a Canadian company offering a broad spectrum of car detailing products at highly approachable prices.

With innumerable vehicle modeling and detailing products being available on the market, car owners have more options to choose from than ever. Although the diversity of products can be perceived as a benefit, the influx of cheap-quality products has left innumerable car owners with a feeling of being deceived. 

AutoDepth emerged on the market to raise the bar of quality when it comes to car detailing products, offering a broad range of premium quality detailing kits, auto correction products, cleaning solutions, and essential vehicle maintenance tools. 

The company recently launched a new line of top-grade car detailing products, which encompasses proprietary Citrus all-purpose cleaners, premium glass cleaners, a graphene spray coating solution, and the heavily acclaimed Hydrate Tire, Rubber & Plastic Dressing products. 

With the Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner, AutoDepth wanted to provide its customers with a versatile solution for routine vehicle maintenance. This V.O.C.-compliant product is suitable for use on wheels, wheel wells, exterior surfaces, tires, and engine bays and does not contain caustic ingredients. When diluted, it becomes suitable for interior cleaning as well. 

Knowing that many contemporary glass cleaning products are typically cheap and poorly made, AutoDepth’s experts decided to create a more dependable solution that would enable car owners to clean the glasses on their vehicles in the simplest fashion possible. Leaving no streaks or unpleasant odors, the AutoDepth Clarity Premium Glass Cleaner is perfectly safe to use on all types of car glass, including tinted windows. 

The company’s Graphene Spray Coating solution quickly became a top seller, helping hundreds of car owners protect the exterior surfaces of their vehicles with a long-lasting protective coat with incredible gloss.

AutoDepth’s Hydrate Tire Rubber & Plastic Dressing product is one of the best-selling items in its catalog for a good reason. Featuring non-greasy, hydrophobic, and anti-static elements, this product hydrates most types of rubbers and plastics while applying a fine coat of UV protection at the same time. As the company’s prized car dressing product, Hydrate Tire Rubber & Plastic spray was described by the company’s spokesperson as follows:

“AutoDepth’s Hydrate Tire, Rubber & Plastic dressing is a water-based dressing designed to condition, preserve, and protect. As its name states, Hydrate has hydrating compounds in its formula that conditions rubbers and plastics, UV blockers, and adds a non-greasy anti-static and hydrophobic barrier for a cleaner and longer-lasting factory new look. Hydrate is a great option for classics and new vehicles,” said AutoDepth’s spokesperson. 

The company also presents its customers with a range of premium car detailing services, including but not limited to vehicle restorations, ceramic coating, paint protection film, paint corrections, and more. Aside from proprietary car detailing products, AutoDepth’s catalog features premium vehicle detailing solutions from other brands, including Turtle wax, CarPro, Chemical Guys, Menzernza, Sonax, Lake Country, The Rag Company and more. 

More information about AutoDepth is available on the company’s official website

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