NRS Paves the Way for a Decentralized Future With a Free, Accessible, and Open Internet

September 14 01:42 2023
NRS takes a stand to ensure the Internet’s future.

In a world dominated by the proliferation of digital infrastructure and emerging technologies, the future of the Internet is in peril due to a lack of individual ownership of IP assets. Despite being a fundamental component of the Internet, IP addresses are currently managed by 5 RIRs worldwide, putting internet businesses and the Internet in danger. With the world standing at a crossroads, Number Resource Society (NRS), a dynamic non-profit organization, is championing a radical shift, placing ownership back where it belongs – in the hands of business owners.

Citing the huge disadvantage of putting IP address ownership in the hands of a select few policy specialists and RIR executives, NRS emphasizes the importance of revolutionizing Internet Policies to save the Internet. The organization and its members aim to foster unity, expand the Internet’s reach, and ensure long-term viability in an ever-evolving fragmented digital realm.

By adhering to its core principles: a single internet with less or no fragmentation, an internet that is free, open, and accessible without external interference, and a decentralized future of the Internet with minimum human participation, NRS is committed to a future where people own their IP assets. Through educational resources, discussions, and partnerships that open the door for ICT development and advocate for internet policies that support IP ownership, NRS has built a community of 2080 members and 802 network owners in over 45 countries.

“Our mission is to empower and protect our members, business owners like you, by providing quality member services and ensuring your interests and rights are safe and secure.”

According to NRS, the current IP ownership state results from educational gaps in the realm of the Internet. Therefore, by demystifying IP address ownership rights, NRS empowers and supports business owners to take control of their business future by owning the fundamental elements of their IP business.

“We work together for a better internet where everyone can participate in its development. Together with our global community, we are ensuring the Internet remains a global asset.”

Join NRS in a movement to break the outdated systems and usher in a future of equal universal Internet for all.

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