Award-Winning Series “LIT” and its Sequel “ASCENT” Unveil a Haunting Realm of the Supernatural and Paranormal

September 15 07:57 2023
Award-Winning Series "LIT" and its Sequel "ASCENT" Unveil a Haunting Realm of the Supernatural and Paranormal
Perth-based author and nurse Mark Anthony unveils his award-winning horror series “LIT” and its thrilling sequel “ASCENT.” Crafted during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony masterfully draws readers into a chilling realm where malevolent entities, the Leviathans, prey on vulnerable souls. Dive deep into these tales of terror where boundaries blur, and nightmares become reality.

In the darkest recesses of the human psyche, where shadows dance, and terror thrive, Mark Anthony weaves a masterful tale that promises to redefine horror and dark fantasy. Launching the award-winning psychological horror series “LIT,” followed by its much-anticipated sequel “ASCENT,” Anthony offers readers a chilling glimpse into macabre realities and the malevolent entities that inhabit them.

The inspiration for these works came from Anthony’s own experience during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a registered nurse, he witnessed firsthand the tension and dread that enveloped the globe. “If I was going to write something unsettling, the atmosphere was right,” he reflects. Mark Anthony’s love for the supernatural and paranormal is evident. He crafts dynamic, contemporary tales that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

“LIT” delves deep into the existence of Leviathans – sinister beings that latch onto the souls of the vulnerable. Feeding off their emotions, these entities wait for the opportune moment when anger reveals a target, dooming them to eternal anguish. The tale revolves around three Conduits battling their inner monsters, facing fear, loss, and the looming event of the Circle where they become the hunted.

“ASCENT” picks up in the aftermath of the Circle. Ellie, Josh, and Sam find themselves in a world where many suffer like them. As they navigate their haunting realities, the enigmatic Mika, with his Pantheon of Conduits, seeks a legend of ancient evil. But a shift is on the horizon, as another malevolence emerges and the boundary between Conduit and Leviathan becomes blurred.

Both novels have garnered significant acclaim, with Readers Favourite commenting, “Mark Anthony is truly on a path to becoming the next-generation master of suspense.” Literary Titan adds, “A hauntingly intriguing premise solidifies this installment as a tour de force in its genre.”

For those ready to embark on a heart-stopping journey into the supernatural, “LIT” and “ASCENT” promise a reading experience like no other. The books are available on Amazon and the author’s website

About the Lit Series

In the shadowy recesses of our deepest fears, malevolent entities known as Leviathans prey on the vulnerable. In “LIT,” souls branded as Conduits face their ever-present tormentors, spiraling into a nightmarish game where anger can doom them forever. The saga escalates in “ASCENT” as dark truths emerge and the lines between Conduit and Leviathan blur. As ancient evils resurface, an unthinkable alliance forms. Journey into a world where nightmares intertwine with reality, and every step may lead to an abyss of terror.

About the Author

Residing in Perth, Western Australia, with his family, Mark Anthony is an ardent aficionado of the supernatural and paranormal genre. When he’s not crafting tales of horror, Anthony enjoys spending time with his husband and 9-year-old son. His penchant for creating strong, memorable characters and the chilling worlds they inhabit has quickly positioned him as a standout voice in contemporary dark fantasy.

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