February 03 00:19 2018

Sashki Roper, the beautiful multitalented Jamaican born artist has finally announced the release of her much awaited first grand musical single titled ‘Giant in History’ this February 2, 2018. The song is an enthusiastic positive vibes, influenced by elements of art, love and wisdom in tribute to president Obama, a leading example of black race in history, a man of victory, whose mark stand so tall to the extent his value cannot even be told.  The music is one in a million as it expresses what men ought to be in this era of politicized leadership down to what an attribute of a good leader should be.

According to Sashki Roper, the mellow singer stated “the achievement of Barack Obama in the last nine years coupled with her own personal experienced on contemporary and classical music which dated back to her exposure to music in high school to the present performances at multiple events has contributed in no small measure to this inspired historical music single”. President Obama, the first African-American elected president (2008) changed how black folks thought of themselves and wider nation they lived in, with his attainment of the nation highest office, helping to inspire millions of young black people to dream bigger dreams.

The emergence of President Obama also set a new standard for black in history by breaking the powerful barrier installed by the nation brutal history of slavery, Jim Crow and institutional racism of the once unthinkable prospect of having a black president in white house. This made Sashki to refer to Obama as a man of history is his lyrical line. Many and many were achieved during his last nine years from health care improvement, climate change, marriage equality to strengthening of international diplomacy and cooperation between people for which he won a Nobel Peace prize in 2009.  After nine years of his campaign of ‘change’ in 2008, the country still lives a prosperous one making him one of the most transformation presidents of the past hundred years. Left the white house in 2017, having accomplished through sheer force of will, something extremely unseen in the history of America. Thus the presence of Obama on the world stage do confirmed the deep seated truths about black excellent, love and humanity that has always been taking for granted. Truly he is a ‘GIANT IN HISTORY’ whose legacy is expected to live on as the music accurately describes.

What more can be written of President Obama in the history of black than putting it into a masterpiece of music, in this vein, tribute should also be given to the wonderful composer of this beautiful music who felt the burning passion, tears, care and attribute of a good leader despite the fact that she may not be known by Barack Obama, yet she is unashamed to shout his name to the whole world for many lives he has change. With the creativity and richness of the music, it will be a perfect theme for Obama Library and Democratic National Committee (DNC) mid-term election.

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