Making Business Matter Introduces ‘The Hare and Tortoise’ Email System

October 06 02:05 2018
The Hare and Tortoise’ System Provides a New Way of Managing Email Overload and How To Become More Productive.

Thame, Oxfordshire, UK – October 5, 2018 – Training provider Making Business Matter introduces a new way of looking at emails with a system to manage email overload called “The Hare and Tortoise System.” Emails are the burden that every knowledge worker has to bear, dragging & overwhelming them, and ultimately sinking them into stress, but Darren Smith, founder of Making Business Matter, says, “No more.”

Email overload is fast becoming the most significant challenge at work with workers feeling chained to their emails. Many workers spend half of their time checking their email, effectively killing any productivity. Making Business Matter tackles the workplace’s biggest distraction by helping workers polish their productivity tool.

The new system the company introduces is called ‘The Hare and the Tortoise,’ which takes its name from the fable. It is not only the name that the system adopts but the lesson of the story as well. In a quick recap, the story was about a hare and a tortoise in a race. The hare gets ahead of the competition and naps in the middle of it. Meanwhile, the tortoise takes its time and wins.

In ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ System, the Hare time is 12 to 12.20 while the Tortoise time is from 12.21 to 12.59. Just like with the story, the worker has to imagine the 20-minute segment of the system as the hare, doing emails in a rush. When they reach the 40-minute tortoise segment of the clock, they become the tortoise working steadily, not emails, but on deep impact work.

Making Business Matter introduces this training system as a new technique to manage email overloads. The idea behind the system is to provide a challenge for workers to get into deep work and get less distracted but still manage their emails. The new hare and tortoise system helps to achieve the worker’s goal of remembering and working on the 20% of tasks that make 80% of the impact – the important tasks.

The system is indeed an interesting way of dealing with the distraction of email overload. But implementation is another matter that concerns workers. As pointed out in an article about the system, it’s difficult to apply the system without considering the way the business works. There is a challenge in using the system when working with people expecting an urgent response to their emails.

On this note, Making Business Matter proposes making different arrangements with people whose email needs an urgent response. The Hare and the Tortoise System is a way to eliminate distractions, be more productive, and become more satisfied at work. It is a simple system that effectively sharpens the worker’s productivity with small changes in the way they handle email overload.

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Making Business Matter is a training provider to the grocery industry in the UK. The company specialises in providing training to suppliers to the UK’s supermarkets. They aim to help clients secure more revenue through better soft skills, which Making Business Matter accomplishes through their Sticky Learning® unique training method and relevant experience.

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