Roarlay Delivers Sustainable Fashion and Reduces Carbon Footprint by 90%

October 06 02:10 2018
Sustainable Clothing at Affordable Prices

Roarlay delivers sustainable fashion through the use of renewable energy and low-impact organic farming. Their clothing is produced entirely from organic cotton in a plant that uses mostly wind and solar energy. This allows them to reduce their carbon footprint by around 90%. The company’s apparel selection includes vests, hoodies, sweatshirts and shirts for men and women, bodysuits and shirts for babies and shirts for kids.

“Low-impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and transportation, and the use of renewable energy leads to a 90% reduced carbon footprint compared to other brands, as certified by the Carbon Trust,” says Reinhard Zach, Roarlay’s CEO.

More and more people are turning to eco-friendly products. From recycled paper bags to recycled plastic ware and product packaging, people and businesses from different parts of the world are talking about recyclable and recycled products. Fashion designers are looking for creative ways to use old plastic and metal in their products. There are also jewelry boutiques that are offering jewelry made from recycled metal. Even clothing manufacturers are starting to adopt sustainable practices that appeal to customers. Roarlay’s core mission is to deliver sustainability and to reduce their carbon footprintwherever possible. For them, being organic is not enough. The increased processing needs of organic products can result in a larger carbon footprint. Due to this, all of their textile manufacturers plants use only green renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint.

A single shirt from Roarlay can save up to 7 kilograms of carbon dioxide, while a hooded sweatshirt is capable of saving up to 28 kilograms of greenhouse gases. These figures have been calculated in line with BSI PAS2050 methodology and are certified by Carbon Trust, a for-mission company that helps companies, organizations and governments reduce their carbon emission. Continental Clothing Company, Roarlay’s textile manufacturer, has been working with Carbon Trust since 2007. The manufacturer is also a member of Fair Wear Foundation and complies with FWF Code of Labor Practices.

The final printing of the fabric is performed in the UK in a sustainable manner. To reduce waste, the clothes are printed on order and directly shipped to the customer after passing quality control. The clothes adhere to the clothing retail industry’s general performance standards.

About Roarlay

Roarlay uses renewable energy to make eco-friendly apparel. The company adheres to low-impact organic farming and efficient manufacturing and transportation of goods. One of their hoodies can save up to 28 kilograms/61.7 pounds of greenhouse gases and one of their T-shirts can save up to 7 kilograms /15.4 pounds. Their textiles are manufactured, powered and ethically certified by green energy in India and then set in bulk to the UK where they perform the quality control, final printing and dispatching to their customers.

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