DC Real Estate Company Explore Launches Innovative and Futuristic Real Estate Viewing System Which Could Revolutionize The Industry

October 06 06:45 2018

Washington DC – Explore, a DC-based real estate company is delighted to announce the launch of their innovative new approach to real estate, which has the potential to change how properties are bought and sold.

Although the internet has altered many industries, the real estate process has remained relatively untouched, with the possible exception of large sites that could show unlimited numbers of properties to potential buyers from the comfort of their own home. However, when it comes to getting a proper understanding of the size and character of a property, a physical visit to the property is still required.

This is dependent on the buyer’s style.  Some may still want to personally view each property before ruling it out.  However, if you have a list of twenty-five potential homes to view, then this could account for a lot of wasted time.  With Explore’s new vision, visiting properties which are not suitable for the buyer, can be ruled out.

Explore’s new approach provides potential buyers with a modern and time-saving approach to viewing Washington, DC real estate. Rather than having to go through the hassle of physically visiting the property, potential buyers can now view the property via high-quality 3-D renderings.  The software places the viewer in the center of every room in the property and allows them to navigate the room as if they were there in person. There are also in-depth floor plans available to help visitors understand the size and layout of the property.

The most significant advantage for buyers with this new system will be the time saved by not having to physically visit properties that are not suitable. Users of the system will be able to eliminate perhaps ninety percent of potential properties saving a lot of valuable time in the process. For sellers, it also means they will not have to have endless viewings from people that are highly unlikely to purchase the property.

Washington DC is also a location that appeals to buyers from outside of the state and in some cases the country. This new system will enable those potential customers to view and place bids on a property without even visiting in person.

“We are very excited to be launching this new hi-tech system today and are convinced that it is the future way that real-estate business will be coordinated,” said Joe Rieling of Explore. “As a company, we like to take full advantage of the benefits that technology can bring, and we are convinced that this new system will be a game changer for everyone concerned.”

Explore is a locally owned and operated real estate company based in Washington DC. They are a team of talented professionals, who are determined to modernize and change the buyer and seller user experience.

For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at https://explore.nomadicrealestate.com

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