October 06 07:10 2018

World renowned fintech enterprise DigitalBank announces early adopters of the financial powerhouse cryptocurrency, FinanceCoin, will be able to start the redemption process.

DigitalBank is an innovative firm that provides financing facilities and funding solutions to financial technology (fintech) start-ups and formative or growth stage companies that we identify to possess immense potential. DigitalBank is a widely-recognized financier of Venture Capital firms who specifically target high potential fintech sector start-ups and companies to invest in.

To redeem FinanceCoin, members are to complete the KYC registration process. A secure internet connection, Ethereum wallet address, and an identity document are required. Members can submit their particulars at to start their redemption.

About FinanceCoin

FinanceCoin is the first business-to-business, and also business-to-customer, decentralized Digital Currency that is focused on facilitating the capital flow between Venture Capital Firms and technology start-ups or growing companies that require capital funding. FinanceCoin was first created by employing scrypt algorithm which is used as proof-of-work for pre-mining and mining of the cryptocurrency. 

FinanceCoin is currently actively used globally in major parts of the world and international markets by numerous Venture Capital Firms that have invested and are planning to invest in technology start-ups and emerging growth companies. FinanceCoin is one of over 700 digital currencies globally totalling US$12 Billion, but the one and only targeted at the exponential high-growth potential technology sector.

Media Contact
Company Name: Digital Bank
Contact Person: Laurie Brown
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Phone: +352 2 030 1683
Address:Alcide De Gasperi Building
City: Luxembourg
Country: Luxemburg