Communicate and Collaborate, Without Compromising Data Ownership and Privacy, at Silo

December 06 03:49 2022
Communicate and Collaborate, Without Compromising Data Ownership and Privacy, at Silo
A new social media platform for creating groups and sites that are owned by its users

With the advances in technology, collaboration is easier and more effective than it has ever been. Keeping in contact and working together online has been made possible through different platforms. At Silo, they are providing companies with an online tool for collaboration where data will be kept at a controlled location.

While it is convenient to exchange files and messages in social media platforms, data shared in these websites are eventually under the ownership of the host site. Inspired by the convenience of using social media groups for online collaboration in the workplace, Silo was founded to address the main concern of most companies today – data ownership. Every site or group created using Silo, its owner is solely in charge of the data and rules of the page.

“We wanted to put data ownership back in the hands of the people who actually create that data,” shares the team behind Silo. “We are introducing a new level of privacy called ‘Accountable’ where every user has to be verified and are accountable for what they say.”

More particularly, Silo has five options for the privacy level of the sites created in their platform: personal, secret, exclusive, public, and accountable. Regardless of the chosen setting, all data in the network is encrypted and only accessible in databases within the site that can be accessed through a valid login. They also have free MFA for all users, where Silo site owners can also decide if their online community can only be accessed by users who have their MFA enabled. This feature provides an extra layer of security for their users.

Just like the definition of the word silo, all sites and groups in Silo are completely separated from others. They offer their users the liberty of being owners of a unique isolated social online community, where they can configure which colors, guidelines, and features they want for their site. There is no learning curve when switching to Silo because it works similarly with other social media platforms where people can write posts, add comments, and view galleries of photos and videos.

On top of data control, Silo also had a vision of creating a safer space online for their users. In order to improve credibility and the overall debate climate in their platform, they also offer free identification verification for every user. At the same time, all owners of a Silo site also have the choice to configure their sites where contributions can only be made by verified profiles. This way, they are assured that all users are exactly who they claim to be and can be held accountable for their posts and comments within the group.

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Silo is an online platform where users can create their own social media site with photos, videos, posts, comments, and likes.

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