Newark Family Paving Outlines Signs That Indicate a Driveway Needs Repair

September 16 07:43 2023
Newark Family Paving Outlines Signs That Indicate a Driveway Needs Repair
Newark Family Paving is a leading paving company. In a recent update, the contractor explained signs that show a driveway needs repair.

Newark, OH – In a website post, Newark Family Paving shared the signs that indicate a driveway needs repair.

The paving company Newark stated that the first sign of a driveway needing repair is the presence of surface cracks and holes. While small cracks no more comprehensive than a quarter-inch across can often be simply filled with an asphalt patching compound, wider cracks indicate a complete repaving job may be necessary. Additionally, potholes may mean the driveway requires complete repaving rather than repairs using patching compounds and sealants.

The asphalt contractor Newark added that another sign that a driveway needs to be patched up is when the asphalt appears to be fading. Off-color and blotchy patches could be a sign of erosion. When the asphalt is held together by gravel with a bit of binder material, the spot may need to be patched. 

Lastly, the paving contractor Newark pointed out that Drives that have begun to tilt or slope in unnatural directions, or where the areas surrounding the asphalt appear to have sunk inwards, are signs of underlying structural issues. Patchwork repairs such as asphalt patching and sealant application will not be effective and may only cause interim, superficial improvement. Complete repaving of the driveway is likely the most prudent solution.

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